Mr. Smith Publishes Article On Breaking News In Medical Malpractice Cases

Maryland’s medical malpractice law has strict requirements that must be followed in order to maintain a medical malpractice or medical negligence claim against a healthcare provider, such a hospital, doctor, nurse, and nursing home. Maryland’s highest court issued an unexpected decision changing the accepted interpretation of the law’s requirements regarding medical expert reports in medical malpractice litigation. The court’s opinion in the case of Walzer v. Osborne jeopardized many pending medical malpractice cases. Mr. Smith published an article analyzing the recent court ruling and providing advice to medical malpractice lawyers on how to comply with the court’s ruling. The article, “Expert Report Requirement and Maryland’s Medical Malpractice Statute (Complying with Walzer v. Osborne),” was published in the Maryland Trial Lawyers’ Association Trial Reporter (Summer, 2007).