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Truck accidents are responsible for countless injuries and deaths throughout Howard County and the state of Maryland. Knowing what to do if you are involved in a trucking accident could affect your, health, your injury claim and the amount of compensation you receive.

The most important thing is preserving your physical and mental health. The first thing you need to do is make sure you are alright, and then check on the condition of others. Remember, if someone is injured, and not in imminent danger, call 911 and let the medical professionals move and handle any injuries. You do not want to unnecessarily exacerbate a serious medical condition. Common injuries from trucking accidents include head injury, back injury, neck injury, damage to spinal cords, brain injury, and compound fractures (broken bones), as well as soft tissue injuries such as whiplash. Moreover, in many instances, injuries may not manifest themselves immediately; therefore, you should seek medical attention after an accident, even if you think you feel alright.

Once you have taken steps to ensure there are no health risks, you should report the trucking accident by calling the police. Be sure to note the name of the police officer reporting to the accident scene. Recall the events as best you can recollect, and as soon as possible after the accident, write down notes while things are still fresh in you mind.

The next step should be to identify witnesses. If possible, obtain the names and contact information for any witnesses, including bystanders or anyone who stopped to assist. Witnesses may be valuable if there is a dispute regarding the truck accident.

The next thing you should do, if possible, is take pictures. Use your phone if necessary. Pictures can be valuable, as they will record the scene, position and damage of the vehicles, weather conditions, etc. Remember, cars and trucks will be moved and likely repaired. This is your chance to document the condition of the accident scene and the vehicles. Also, ask the police if they can take pictures when they arrive.

Only talk to the police and answer their questions. Do not discuss the truck accident with anyone else, especially an insurance agent or claims adjuster until you have received advice and representation from an experienced personal injury attorney. Anything you say to anyone else will not help you, but may hurt you. Statements may be designed to be used against you when taken out of context.

Keep records of anything related to the accident, including medical records, bills, etc. relating to the truck accident.

And, of course, retain counsel from an experienced Maryland personal injury and truck accident lawyer.

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