Baltimore Insurance Claims Adjusters And Other Car Insurance Representatives Are NOT Looking Out For Your Best Interest

Car Insurance Company

Most people feel that because they pay their insurance company premiums, the insurance company is on their side. Many claims adjusters would have you believe the same thing, claiming they are trying to get you the most money in your pocket and telling you that you do not need a lawyer.

The fact is that insurance companies, and their representatives, are not on your side and do not even consider your interests. They are accountable to shareholders, who are only interested in profit. Profit is created by collecting as much as possible in car insurance premiums and paying out as little as possible in car accident claims.

Studies have shown, and it has been our experience as well, that the vast majority of people who hire an auto accident attorney net more money than they would have if they had accepted the initial settlement offer by the insurance company. Why else would an insurance company try to convince an injured party to settle without having a lawyer? Many people are not savvy enough to retain a personal injury attorney after a Baltimore car accident, which can be a catastrophic mistake. First, chances are you will not receive the compensation you deserve for your Maryland auto accident. Second, and equally important, without representation, you may prematurely sign a waiver, and not receive compensation if an injury sustained in a car accident manifests itself at a later time, which is not an uncommon event.

Insurance companies take advantage of your situation and your ignorance of Maryland personal injury laws. The insurance companies do not take any action before consulting their lawyers, why should you?

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