$1,300,000.00 Maximum Award Recovered for Catastrophic Injuries Caused

by Careless SUV Driver

Our client was riding his 2017 Kawasaki on a beautiful April day. No particular destination, just enjoying the freedom of riding a motorcycle that riders know so well. Then tragedy struck. He was traveling on a divided highway and approaching an intersection controlled by a traffic light. The 76-year-old driver of an SUV was not keeping a proper lookout for other vehicles, especially a motorcycle. She made a left-hand turn, violating our client’s right-of-way. The client swerved to avoid the impending collision, but he was unsuccessful. A rider’s worst nightmare happened when his bike and body slammed into 1,000’s of pounds of SUV steel.Our rider estimated that he had been traveling about 45 MPH when he hit the car, then hit the ground, lost consciousness and woke up with emergency medical responders around him. EMS transported him to a trauma center.

The SUV driver’s carelessness caused our client to sustain significant injuries: Traumatic brain injury; shattered left hip joint; left shin “degloving injury”; fractured right knee; multiple fractures to his left forearm and upper arm; collapsed lung; and spinal fractures. Our client underwent multiple surgeries during a lengthy hospital stay. He was later transferred to a rehab facility, and fortunately was discharged home to begin a long process of recovery. The devastating crash left our rider with multiple permanent injuries, traumatic and surgical scarring, and looking forward to additional surgeries in the future.

Our office prepared a comprehensive settlement package, which included extracts from CT scansand X-rays vividly depicting the horrific injuries. The SUV driver’s insurance company paid the full automobile insurance policy limits ($300,000.00) and the full umbrella insurance policy limits ($1,000,000.00), representing payment of the maximum award possible. Our office is proud of a successful track record representing motorcycle riders who were victimized by careless motor vehicle drivers, and the families of those who lost loved ones in motorcycle crashes.

Note – Every case is different. Our past record is no assurance that we will be successful in reaching a similar, or favorable, result in any future case.


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