Recovering Compensation For Victims Of Assault & Battery

If you or a loved one is a victim of an assault, you can file a civil lawsuit against your attacker and/or other responsible parties. Civil cases brought by assault victims are not based upon determining the guilt or innocence of the defendant, but rather are an attempt to determine if an offender or other parties are liable for the injuries that resulted from a crime.

As a victim of crime, you have the right to sue the offender for damages in civil court regardless of the verdict in the criminal proceedings. A personal injury attorney represents victims of crimes in civil cases against offenders and third parties. For instance, if you were assaulted in an office building, the owners and property managers of that building may be liable for your injuries because building security was inadequate.

If the defendants are found liable for your injuries, the court may order the payment of monetary damages to you. Although money cannot fully compensate anyone who has endured the trauma of an assault, it can help crime victims get the medical and psychological treatment they need to rebuild their lives. Civil liability cases can also encourage property owners and business owners to implement more effective security measures to prevent future incidents of assault on their premises.

An assault victim may also request restitution from the criminal court. Restitution is a judgment against a convicted offender, which he or she must pay to the victim. If restitution is ordered, it becomes part of the offender’s sentence in the criminal case.

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