Car Accidents Caused By Drivers Texting Or Talking On A Cell Phone

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Texting while Driving

Maryland lawmakers have responded to statistics regarding texting, cell phone use, and auto accidents by passing clear laws prohibiting the use of cell phones and smartphones in most instances while driving. This means that, if you have been injured in by a driver who was distracted by a handheld phone, you are likely owed financial compensation. For more information regarding your right to drive safely in Maryland, read about Maryland’s Communications Safety Act of 2010.

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What You Need to Know about Maryland’s Texting, Talking, and Driving Laws

Prior to September of 2011, accident victims could face an uphill battle in claiming negligence due to texting and talking on a phone while driving. Even though drivers were barred from typing out texts, they could still legally read them while operating a vehicle.

Now, when drivers even glance at a text, they break the law. Injury victims’ claims of negligence are therefore strengthened when negotiating with and litigating against insurers and other relevant parties.

Ensure your rights are protected following a car or truck accident by contacting lawyer Jonathan Scott Smith. Attorney Smith is both a criminal defense attorney and personal injury attorney, so he understands the full legal issues involved in distracted driver accident cases.

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