An Airplane Crash—A Passenger’S Worst Nightmare

An Airplane Crash A Passengers Worst Nightmare

You probably read about the plane that crashed and burned during a landing at San Francisco Airport a few days ago. It’s every airplane passenger’s worst nightmare. Sadly, two people were killed and another 182 passengers were injured, and 49 of those were seriously injured.

Witnesses reported that the pilot may have tried landing short of the runway and one of the wings clipped a rock retaining wall. The end result was that the tail separated from the aircraft, which compromised the fuselage and caused a fire.

Nearly 200 firefighters arrived on the scene immediately, put out the fire, and began tending to the injured. Right now, we can only speculate as to the cause of the accident and a full investigation by The National Transportation Safety Board is forthcoming.

Although statistics are in your favor and only one in approximately one million flights ends up in an accident, according to National Transportation Safety Board, you should still know what to do in a crash. The following tips may be helpful in ensuring the odds are in your favor if you are in a plane crash:

  • Wear comfortable and practical clothing and shoes. Comfortable clothes that cover the arms and legs and shoes that cover and support your foot, give you a better chance of moving quickly out of danger in the event you have to flee the plane.
  • Choose your seat wisely. You have a better chance of survival if you are seated behind the wing and/or near the emergency exits. And aisle seats are better than the center or window seats. If possible, choose a seat in those areas of the plane.
  • Be vigilant during takeoff and landing. The times during which an accident is most likely to occur during a flight are a few minutes after takeoff and a few minutes before landing. So it is wise to keep your shoes on, and your tray table up and to be aware of the two nearest exists relative to your seat. It is also advisable to put your carry-on items beneath the seat in front of you, which will provide extra protection for your feet and legs in the event of an accident. Also, remove sharp objects like pens and keys from pockets which can puncture the skin in an impact.
  • Remain calm. The first 90 seconds after a crash are vital and so if you can remain calm and assess the situation you will be able to act quickly to save your life and that of your loved ones.
  • Act quickly. If there is a serious situation, do not stop to gather your belongings, or wait for instructions; just get off the plane as quickly and efficiently as possible

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