Winning A Personal Injury Claim—Part Two

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In an earlier blog, we explained the standard of care to which all persons are held, as well as the requirement, in a personal injury lawsuit, that you prove the defendant failed to meet that standard. Once you’ve done that, you must then show a causal link between that failure (or breach) and the accident that caused your losses.

There are, however, two specific types of cause that you have to prove. First (and often the easiest) is the requirement that you demonstrate what the law refers to as “actual cause.” In a nutshell, you must show that, had the defendant not breached the duty of care, the accident would not have happened.

But that’s not enough—there’s also the requirement that you show “proximate cause.” In essence, proximate cause requires that you show that the specific injury or loss was “reasonably foreseeable” as a result of the wrongful conduct. If there are intervening factors that were not foreseeable, but that were necessary for the accident to occur, there may not be proximate cause. For example, if you negligently run a stop sign and hit another motorist, who then careens into a gas pump at a nearby gas station, you may not be held liable for damages caused by an explosion or fire at the gas station.

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