Slip-and-Falls on Maryland Public Sidewalks

Can You Sue the Government When You Trip on a Sidewalk?

Slip-and-Falls on Maryland Public SidewalksIf you’re like many folks in Maryland, you’re probably starting to get a little cabin fever as a result of the state’s “shelter-in-place” requirement during the COVID-19 pandemic. Fortunately, one of the outdoor activities permitted is exercise, including taking a walk in your neighborhood, provided you keep a safe distance from others. With more people out walking, though, the risk of slip-and-falls necessarily increases. What happens if you slip and fall on a city-owned sidewalk? Can you bring legal action against a municipality for such an accident?

The good news is that local, county, and state governments may be held responsible for slip-and-fall accidents on public sidewalks. The legal process, though, is different than it is for slip-and-falls on private property. If you are injured on a public sidewalk, you must bring any claim for damages under the Maryland Tort Claims Act, which requires that you file your complaint much sooner than required for private claims. A claim under the MTCA must be submitted within one year of the date of your accident, whereas a private claim typically can be filed up to three years from the date of injury. The initial claim must be filed with the Maryland State Treasurer.

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Duties of Property Owners in Maryland—Accumulation of Snow and Ice

Inner Harbor, Baltimore Burried in Snowpocalypse

Winter is upon us, and in Maryland, that means snow and ice. Just walking down the street or going shopping can be treacherous. Under Maryland law, the owner or personal in control of residential or commercial property has a duty to reasonably maintain the premises that minimizes the risk of injury to anyone lawfully on the property. How does that apply to accumulation of snow and ice in the Maryland winters?

In Maryland, the duty imposed on property owners can be offset by what is known as “contributory negligence.” Under the concept of contributory negligence, if a person knew or should have known of a potential danger, but still took the risk, they may be considered at fault and denied a right to compensation.

With respect to ice and snow accumulation, the right to recover compensation may depend on the type of ice/snow and how quickly it built up. There are at least two cases that hold that a person cannot be contributorily negligent when the ice is “black ice,” essentially invisible to the naked eye. An owner or landlord may also escape liability if a jury determines that his or her actions in attempting to remove snow or ice were “reasonable.”

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